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Injection Lipolysis

"non-surgical removal of stubborn fat with natural ingredients"

Injection Lipolysis DrDirk RP Aesthetics

What is injection lipolysis?

Injection Lipolysis (lipo-, fat & lysis-, to break), also referred to as fat dissolving injections, falls under a branch of aesthetic medicine referred to as body contouring. The aim of injection lipolysis is the removal of unwanted pockets of fat to enable you to have the body shape that you crave.

How does it work?

At RP Aesthetics, Dr. Dirk uses the Ceccarelli lipolysis solution. This solution contains the natural ingredients. Vitamin C and Iron. When this solution is injected into/near fatcells, a natural process of cell destruction referred to as apoptosis, is initiated. The fat cells therefore no longer exist.


The Ceccarelli solution also contains a local anaesthetic agent which lessens the discomfort during injection.

What areas may be treated?

The Ceccareli solution is indicated for facial and body lipolysis. Facial areas amendable to injection lipolysis include:


  • Jawline

  • Double chin

  • Under eye area

  • Jowl

  • Nasolabial folds


The body areas that may be targeted include:


  • Stomach area

  • Love handles

  • Inner thighs

  • Saddle bags

  • Bra bulges

  • Knees

  • Batwings

  • Cellulite

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How much is required for optimal reults?

A thorough pre-procedure assessment is done to ascertain the amount required. For optimal results, 1ml of solution is required per 1cm2 surface area. The surface area various from person to person. The maximum dose allowed per treatment session is 200ml for the body.

When will I see results and for how long?

The process of natural cell death is initiated at the time of injection. The process however requires some time for visible results. That time frame is 2-3days.


With a balanced lifestyle, which include exercise and healthy eating habits, the results can be maintained indefinitely.

What are the expected side-effects or complications?

As a needle puncture is required to inject the Ceccarelli lipolytic solution, one may experience discomfort initially which does lessens. This is because the solution contains a local anaesthetic agent.

In addition, there exists the a real risk of bruising post procedure. The bruising duration depends on your specific body type. On may also experince a burning sensation in the treated areas 30minutes to one hour post injection. Other compications include severe allergic reactions, infections and also depend on the area treated.

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Fat Dissolving Injections FAQ's

Fat Dissolving Injections FAQ's

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