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"Dermal fillers are used to provide structure and support; Support where volume has been lost (rejuvenation) and structure where proportions are suboptimal or where facial contours are inadequate (beautification)."

FILLMED Artfiller Volume

FILLMED Artfiller Volume

The Ageing Process

The facial tissues all undergo changes with advancing years. These changes not only include the skin, but extend deeper to include the facial ligaments, muscles, fat compartments and skeleton. The rate and type of change varies from person to person, depending on your unique genetic signature, skincare regimes and environmental factors.


One of the main contributing factors to the appearance of the aged face, is loss of volume. This is brought about by the loss of fat deep within the face. Once the deep fat compartments loose volume, the superficial layers, under the influence of gravity, start to move downwards. This gives rise to the classic signs of ageing (the negative lines), which include:

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"What dermal fillers offer in terms of rejuvenation, is a minimally invasive way of restoring lost volume and support to facial tissues with little downtime."