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Aesthetic Consultation

The facial aesthetic analysis is a fundamental point in your journey towards rejuvenation and prevention. This step is where your specific aesthetic concerns are explored and discussed, an assessment is made using both clinical skills and aesthetic equipment, and a treatment plan is formulated, specific to your individual needs.

Your Specific Concerns

We all, at one point in our lives, have felt the urge to change. We have examined ourselves in the mirror, and perhaps weren’t satisfied. We have been told: “you look tired”, or “why so angry?”, even though that appearance does not reflect what we feel inside.


This is an important point to emphasize. Your aesthetic concerns are often linked to what our image portray. What the aesthetic professional needs to be able to do, is to match what we feel inside to what we convey to others.


By delving in deeper, Dr. Dirk’s mission is to match what you feel with what people see. By doing so, your treatment outcome is optimized. This is done by rejuvenation, beautification and prevention.

The Analysis and Assessment

The analysis and assessment start by clinical examination of your specific concerns. In addition, a full facial assessment is done via clinical examination of all facial areas and via clinical photography. This is performed to ensure that your specific concern is in keeping with the other important facial structures.


The analysis and assessment need to take into considerations all facial structures, proportions and ratios. By doing so, the important elements of facial balance, harmony and symmetry may be optimized.


A tool to assist with the assessment and importantly, to assist with maintaining balance and harmony, is the Phi calipers. The Phi calipers work on the principle of the Golden ratio, also referred to as the divine proportion. This ratio is present in many natural and architectural elements around us; from buildings to flowers. The elements of the face are no different. By using the Phi calipers, Dr. Dirk is able to better formulate a management plan specific to your facial architecture.


Last, but not least, is the Wood’s lamp. This ultraviolet-emitting lamp is used by most dermatologists to investigate skin pigmentary issues. It allows for the better understanding of your skin concerns and promotes the generation of the best treatment plan based on your specific skin concerns.

The Treatment Plan

After understanding your concerns and performing the aesthetic analysis and assessment, Dr. Dirk will formulate a treatment plan based on your concerns and what is discovered during the analysis and assessment.


Because the elements involved in facial ageing and the rejuvenation/beautification process, are multi-factorial, Dr. Dirk follows a multifaceted approach to his treatment plans. This approach is based on the 4 Pillars of Facial Rejuvenation:


  1. Resurfacing

  2. Relaxation

  3. Revolumising

  4. Repositioning


After all, three steps have been completed, Dr. Dirk sends the patient the treatment plan and quote. More often than not, the treatment plan will include treatments and procedures that might not be your primary concern.


Dr. Dirk believes in full patient feedback. That being said, Dr. Dirk also believes that the process of rejuvenation is a journey and therefore a staged approach to aesthetic treatments with frequent re-evaluations of needs and concerns, is performed. The decision remains with the patient with regards to which treatments and/or procedures to embark on. Off course, Dr. Dirk is more than willing to assist with the decision by providing sound information, based on scientific evidence and alternate treatments available.

“We all have the right to feel beautiful”

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