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The classic route of drug administration to the skin, is by the application of the drug onto the skin. Fortunately and unfortunately, the skin is excellent at keeping outside stuff from going into the body.

The other route of drug delivery to the skin, would then be through the mouth. These orally administered drugs have to travel along a treacherous journey, through mouth, the stomach, the bowels, the liver, the lungs and then finally, possibly reach the target, namely, the skin. You may then appreciate that a much larger dose is require to ensure that enough drug reaches the skin.

With mesotherapy, the active ingredient is administered directly to the site of action with the help of a needle. This allows for the active ingredient to start working immediately. Futhermore, much less of the active ingredient is required

What are the benefits of Mesotherapy?

A couple of indications would then include:

  • Treatment of fat deposits​

  • Treatment of pigment issues, especially unwanted dark discolourations​

  • Treatment of varicosities​

  • Treatment in skin tone, complexion and radiance

What product does one use for Mesotherapy

At RP Aesthetics, Dr. Dirk believes in keeping procedures and treatments simple. For this reason, he makes use of only one product. This product is FILLMED's NCTF135-HA.

This product has a proven clinical and scientific track record for the improvement of:

  • Skin hydration

  • Radiance and Glow

  • Wrinkle volume

  • Skin tone and homogeneity

  • Pore size

Check out the video and/or brochure

"little volume, a few times, in the right location"

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