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The Art of Beauty and Science

Bespoke, science-backed solutions that enhance your natural beauty.


Aesthetic Procedures

Dr Dirk Aesthetics offers safe, scientifically tested and proven treatments.

Neuromodulation therapy with Botox® has revolutionised the aesthetic medical industry and is the number one aesthetic treatment administered worldwide. Read more

This procedure, (also known as Injection Lipolysis), is used for bodysculpting, It utilizes a chemical formula with natural ingredients to dissolve stubborn pockets of fat.
Read more


Biostimulators is a broad term used for a type of filler that stimulates the production of collagen via your own cells. Read more


Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy.

The main principle behind the use of dermal fillers, is volumisation. This principle is used to rejuvenate, beautify, and enhance. Read more

Active ingredients are placed inside the skin to revitalize & rejuvenate your appearance. This improves radiance and texture, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and addresses pigmentation and dark spots. Read more

These treatments (also referred to as Chemoablative therapy) are excellent for many skin concerns. If your skin goal is healthy skin, consider a chemical peel. Read More

Bespoke home skincare regimes

In-clinic treatment should be backed-up by an At-home Skincare Regime. This provides better and longer lasting results. Read more

The minimally invasive method uses surgical sutures to reposition tissue. It can be used for the face and the body. Read more


Skin boosters hydrate the skin from within, improving its overall quality and health.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat blood vessel malformations and also malformations of the lymphatic system.

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Dr Dirk Coetzee

Owner/Founder RP Aesthetics

Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine), MBChB, MMed (Anaes), FCA (SA), Specialist Anaesthesiologist

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"I am so impressed with Dr Coetzee. I am naturally very afraid of needles and dread any sort of procedure with them. However, Dr Coetzee is so gentle and precise with the handling of the needle while I was getting my fillers done. I can honestly report that it was an enjoyable experience for me. I never thought I would be able to say that. I was not in pain at all and I felt completely at ease and that I trusted him. His practice is evidence-based end I am so impressed with the overall experience. "

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